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19 December 2007 @ 12:42 am
Owen and Operations ....  
Four months ago to this day, I remembered an incident in which I'd been seriously wounded by a seven-headed monster squeezing itself out of the rift. I'd been almost cut in half by the beasts powerful scissor-like talons and was lying, seemingly-dead, by the monsters belly. One of the last things I remember was Owen throwing himself over my body before everything went black. I awoke to Owen furiously stitching my wounds, amazed at how fast I was healing. We never spoke about that. We didn't need to. Owen got the point. He didn't need to know what had happened to me to treat me like he would everybody else - it was his job.

Owen's like that, you see. He's a Doctor - he can be ruthless. It comes with the job. What people forget is that his heart is just below the surface. All you see on top is a bruised ego. Beneath the jokes and facade lie a vulnerable heart.

His skills with the knife got him the job. Stitching back together Torchwood employee's is his job, something he takes very seriously. Beneath that though is the person who can be hurt, betrayed and loved.