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Captain Jack Harkness
19 December 2007 @ 12:51 am

Gwen walked into the Torchwood HQ pretending to be a pizza delivery girl.

I was intregued by the pure audacity of her actions.

I sensed the power of her presence straight away, like a bright light being shone my way. I knew she was something special. I just knew. I think I even knew she would become part of the team, and it wasn't just the power she exuded.

There was something precious about her. Something lost. Something found. She was a normal girl - going out with her boyfriend and having a normal life.

I knew Torchwood would change her, but she didn't disappoint me. She changed for the better. Knowing what lay in the darkness gave her strength. An asset to us. She changed us.
Captain Jack Harkness
19 December 2007 @ 12:42 am
Four months ago to this day, I remembered an incident in which I'd been seriously wounded by a seven-headed monster squeezing itself out of the rift. I'd been almost cut in half by the beasts powerful scissor-like talons and was lying, seemingly-dead, by the monsters belly. One of the last things I remember was Owen throwing himself over my body before everything went black. I awoke to Owen furiously stitching my wounds, amazed at how fast I was healing. We never spoke about that. We didn't need to. Owen got the point. He didn't need to know what had happened to me to treat me like he would everybody else - it was his job.

Owen's like that, you see. He's a Doctor - he can be ruthless. It comes with the job. What people forget is that his heart is just below the surface. All you see on top is a bruised ego. Beneath the jokes and facade lie a vulnerable heart.

His skills with the knife got him the job. Stitching back together Torchwood employee's is his job, something he takes very seriously. Beneath that though is the person who can be hurt, betrayed and loved.
Captain Jack Harkness
18 December 2007 @ 07:06 pm
I consider myself self-sufficient when it comes to technology, able to adapt to this century's offerings and beyond. However, Toshiko is something else. She is not only adept at the technology in her own era, she can use and expand the knowledge of the future.  Time and time again, her capacity for learning and understanding amazes me. Her resourcefulness is a wonderful tool that the team would be lost without.
Captain Jack Harkness
18 December 2007 @ 06:58 pm
Speaking publicly for the first time about my fascination for Ianto and his endearing coffee-making ways, I can only describe it as a form of art. Watching his arm pull the lever of the machine, his whole concentration on the job of making me a damn good cup of coffee. It is just as satisfying drinking his creations as it is watching him make them. I swear, that man could put art into anything. The way he walks, the way he dresses ... it has a certain degree of perfection you don't normally see these days.

Watching his pert ass is intensely satisfying too, although he would be the first to smile and mention workplace harrassment.

As if that has ever stopped me!
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