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Captain Jack Harkness
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Name: Capt. Jack Harkness

Location: Cardiff, Wales


Saving the world from alien threats and scavenging alien technology to arm the human race for the future. The 21st Century is when everything changes and humanity has to be ready! Other than that I like having a good time with my friends and tend to flirt with practically anything.


Torchwood, Cardiff
Branch Manager

* Manage the Cardiff branch and delegate duties to team members.
* Update UNIT and the Prime Minister when necessary.
* Create and maintain personnel records and update database.

Torchwood, London
Laboratory Rat

* Allowed experimentation under various painful conditions.
* Provided informal counselling to Torchwood employees.
* Kept myself current on new alien technology discovered.


* Successfully made over four million dollars.
* Gained skills such as stealth, tactical planning and bank vault robberies.
* During my years as a conman, I was never caught.

Time Agency
Time Agent

* Caught convicted felons trying to escape through time.
* Planted and extracted memories.
* Casually slipped through time to pick up future advancements, if required.

Various military organisations throughout time
Soldier (Captain)

* Led units into battle in various battles throughout history.
* Educated recruits and was heavily involved with training.
* Maintained an immaculate quarters, and encouraged men to do the same.


* Military, Operational and Tactical Planning.
* Trained at various military establishments in the past and future.
* Trained at Torchwood 1 whilst being held in the cells.


* Human beings.
* Hands.
* Anything with a hole. Human or alien, I'm not fussy.


Location: The Tardis

“He's a very fine captain who cares about protecting the people in his charge, both under him and people that he doesn't even know. When in a dire situation, he is anything but the coward he used to think he was. But when I knew him, he was a happier bloke. He wasn't as disillusioned, or should I say realistic?

He was a good man, a very good man. A caring man, one who couldn't help but do what was right simply because it was. Very selfless while in the throes of the moment, when everything really counts, when you really are the person you are.”